Bringing experience and energy to your film or photo shoot.

About Me

My Experience

Since I was very young I always enjoyed being in front of a camera and talking to people. I have worked hard to follow my dreams and become a model and actress. I have completed long hours working on photo shoots, and I practice daily to perfect my skills. I learn very quickly and I am always looking to improve myself more each day.

My Services

I am available for:

*Fashion Modeling

*Runway Modeling

*Product Modeling

*Demonstration Modeling

*Acting in Commercials

*Acting in Short or Full Length Films

Who I Am

I am Anastasia Potapov, a nine year old girl from central Florida. Modeling and acting is my passion and I hope to achieve my dream of continuing in this profession and building my career. I demonstrate leadership, dependability, and inspiration to others.

A Dancer's Revenge

A famous belly dancer is devestated at the loss of her family and land to her enemy. She seeks to get revenge.

Test Subject

A young girl has been kidnapped by the US government after being in hideout in Argentina. She exhibits specials powers that they wish to learn more about.


Contact me

For questions about my style or availability, send me a message. I will do my best to get back to you soon.


Anastasia Potapov • Model and Actress Official